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Looking to make a splash? BOARDS AND BOATS has a variety of exciting water sport options available for all types of fun and fitness. 

Stand Up Paddling Training

We welcome you to experience life on water through our SUP training programs.


SUP Training Sessions

Have an enjoyable time on water and learn the right paddling technique. 

Beginner classes are designed to help people new to the sport learn about stand up paddling and acquire basic stand up paddling skills.


SUP Training Program

Whether you're looking to place first in a paddling race, or simply improve your stand up paddling technique and speed, it is important to start off with a plan. 

Our SUP training plan designed to increase strength, endurance and balance in the legs, hips, abdominal area and back. It also build endurance in shoulder and arm muscles that you’ll be moving continuously as you do paddle strokes. 

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