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About Us

Finding Inspiration on Water

Boards and Boats is a Stand Up Paddling and kayaking academy spreading the love and joy of these sports, by inspiring people and athletes to find fitness and sport on the water.

We are a team of friends who came together to share our passion for SUP and kayaking. Each one of us has a diverse background, but we share our love for being adventurous and sports junkies.

We have trained together, coached together, raced together, and importantly had fun together.


Our Goals

  • To share our knowledge and make both sports accessible and enjoyable for others.

  • We aim to show the potential both SUP and kayaking have as they are both full body workouts, social sports, and can be accessible across different waterways.

  • Inspire people to find adventure, fitness, balance and fun on the water.​

We offer fun rides to advanced programs as well as private lessons across all age groups so there is something for everyone in the community.

Our Partners

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